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About Nonnymedia

Nonnymedia is a Proudly South African Multimedia, Branding, Startup Business Consulting and Advertising Company that is committed to black
economic empowerment. We are a Black owned enterprise operating in the historical South Johannesburg location of Soweto. We are based in
Protea Glen and our company is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor with 135% Recognition and 50% black female ownership. We service clients nationally and we cover the whole South African region and all provinces, thanks to advances in technology and our Tech savvy consultants, no place is far enough.It was established with a vision of being the first choice for our start-up entrepreneurs and to get new and existing entrepreneurs looking professional, sophisticated and taking their businesses from just an idea, to a fully established corporate brand.

We saw the need in establishing a company in our community that would be able to support and cater for new entrepreneurs who have a business
idea. Our team does research on the idea to determine if it is feasible. We then do Business Consulting by supplying all information with regards to
regulation and legislative requirements for the idea. We develop strategies and plans on implementing the idea. Our Admin and Design teams then
help the entrepreneur in registering their business, branding it and providing various types of branding products and activating online media
platforms that can help in getting the business on track and making it a potentially sustainable business that is worth investing in.

Our Vision

Being recognised as the “Go to” company in that possesses the capability of taking your business from one point to another, helping our clients maximise their businesses full potential. 

We don't just design, we also support and advise and that's what makes our services, that much special.