Our Process

At Nonnymedia, we try our best to simplify the process for our clients and make it effortless to get what you envision, but a lot happens behind the scenes.

Every project we encounter, regardless of its type or size, begins with a discovery phase where we learn information to assist with brainstorming, which leads to development and finalisation so you can get going. We are proof that all of this can be done, using various communication tools available today.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, while making sure that we meet and exceed expectations. We manage our projects in an efficient and thoughtful manner – leaving our clients to manage their ventures.

Lets answer some questions
Where are you based and can I contact you if I am in Khuthania ?

Our virtual office is based in the iconic township of Soweto in Johannesburg and thanks to technology, we are able to serve all, regardless of their location and country, as long as there is a communication network.

How long do you guys take ?

We have various timeframes for various projects which allow us to prepare and deliver within the required times. Please enquire with us on project timeframes.

Do you charge an hourly rate ?

No, we charge according to a project and the number of samples required to prepare.

How does your payment terms work ?

We work on a deposit and balance principle. We require deposit to begin and the balance to release all work.

How do you deliver the work to clients ?

We send artwork to clients via email. We also upload and send download links for clients and for print work, we print and deliver to the client's address and keep our clients updated.

Why dont you supply Open Files ?

Open files are our developmental property and carry our signature and ways of working. For them to be used, the correct professional software is required, specific fonts are required, specific shapes and filters are required to be loaded on the machine opening the open files and this can prove to be a strenuous process for our clients. This is why we have made it policy, to not send open files.

Do you do editable designs that I can edit the content ?

Yes we do, we design artwork that can be edited using the Microsoft suite, however there are limitations on what can be edited due to program features provided by the Microsoft suite software.

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